For whatever reason, I have been a Cubs fan all of my life. I don't mean that as a sarcastic statement, I don't pay attention to other sports or even follow much baseball news. But for some reason I have always liked to watch the Cubs play.

While I do not keep track of most Cubs history (such as former players, records, or trivia type info), I do know many basics. Thankfully in 2016, two long running facts came to an end (the goat curse and the lovable losers tag) and now it seems to be socially acceptable to be a Cubs fan again. I was a Cubs fan all along.

Although part of my love for the Cubs is probably due to the fact they are in Chicago, that alone wouldn't coax me to watch the games. Chicago has a LOT of great things so I could focus on something else very easily. I think there has to be other reasons.

During the 2016 postseason, there was a time the team huddled together and chanted, We never quit! Looking back, I think that might be part of the draw too. Even through the 108 year World Champions drought, Wrigley field sold out regularly. Even with a curse and losers tag applied to the team, around 40,000 people would still show up to each game and cheer them on. And in spite of the curse and tag, the team would give them a great show with their best effort. There was always support, belief, and hope ... even though it didn't always produce a winning season.

So maybe I'm a Cub fan because its not just about being called the best all of the time, but about giving your all to what you do and never quiting even though some people put you down along the way. Every now and then you'll get a chance to really shine!

And I really have to say something about Cubs fans. Upon winning the 2016 World Series, there were NO RIOTS such as occur in other cities (for a win or loss of playoff game). Even with something like 3 MILLION PEOPLE squeezed into the Loop for a rally a week later, police reported no violence! So in spite of all the very negative news about how Chicago is a war zone, you gotta give credit to the Cubs fans for their method of celebration!

Every year the Cubs will have different players, but the spirit lives on. At the end of 2017, the Cubs have three consecutive postseason appearances, including the 2016 World Series win. It feels better now, but I have no regrets for all the past years.

And in closing, I want to add two other things I like about the Cubs. For many years now, I have enjoyed the Cubs TV broadcasters. Way back to Harry Caray and Steve Stone, then others like Chip Caray, Len Kasper, Bob Brenly, and Jim Deshaies. With a mix of useful information, some humor, and decent filler during the slow parts of a game, they have made it even more enjoyable to watch. And for the times I get to go to Wrigley, the staff has been very friendly and helpful. This all adds to the great experience of being a Cubs fan.


Cubs parade
Shot from WGN TV during the November 4 2016 parade for the Cubs. Wonderful picture captures Buckingham Fountain, buses with players and staff, beautiful fall colors on the trees, and a MASSIVE AMOUNT of people!

Cubs excuse letter
A funny letter of excuse from school.

Cubs win flag

Wrigley Field marquee
Wrigley Field marquee

Charlie Brown yells cubs win
Good grief, Charlie Brown and Snoopy like it!

Wrigley marquee
Now you know!

Some cubs players
Who ya gonna call....

Goat laying down
The goat is down for the count!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for WINNING the 2016 World Series!!! The Cleveland Indians put up a well fought battle to get some very close games.

In the 2016 season, the Cubs won 103 regular season games (the best record in all of baseball this year), won the two series to become the National League Champions, and then WON the World Series!

A great deal of appreciation is extended to Joe Maddon and every player on the roster this season! Great attitudes and execution CAN yield awesome results. A job WELL DONE!!!!!!!

The movie Back To The Future II predicted the Cubs to win the World Series in 2015 against the Miami Marlins. One year late and the wrong team, but still close!

During the off season somebody needs to reset the Eamus Catuli sign (on the Lakeview Baseball Club across from Wrigley Field) to AC000000!

The goat is down...... The curse is finally over.

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