I used to be me
but not anymore
For now I have things
which I didn't before

These I have taken
to use as need be
They have become a
very vital part of me

Somebody gave me their
ears to hear what I say
Because sharing problems
might take them away

Somebody gave me their
brain to use at will
To assist me with
problem solving skill

Somebody gave me their
mouth to speak or sing
Laughter, advice, or support
is what it did bring

Somebody gave me their
shoulder so I could cry
In hopes that it washes
away sorrow, goodbye

Somebody gave me their
arms to reach out to me
And for hugs of love
given so tenderly

Somebody gave me their
back so I could be strong
To combat struggles in life
and help getting along

Somebody gave me their
heart, it is working just fine
It takes the burden when
I'm having trouble with mine

Somebody gave me their
spirit to lift me up high
So that I will not lose
my desire to try

Somebody gave me their
feet so I could walk away
From issues I couldn't
handle until some other day

So now you know why
I am more than I was
It is very simple,
the reason is because

I have some good friends
who really do care
So they gave of themselves
in order to share

These things I have taken,
I'll give to you
Because that is what
good friends should do

I'm sending this poem
as I want you to know
That when you take from me
our friendship will grow

The more that we take,
the more we can give
And we will remain friends
as long as we live

We'll always be close,
whether near or far
Together we're not us....
we're more than we are

© 2012 Terry Erickson

There really isn't anything better in this world than good friends! Most of my favorite times have involved people who are my friends and so I devote this part of the website to them. First or last names only are used to respect their privacy. If you are listed you already know who you are!

In my first few years the only friend I can remember was my older brother Bob. We were together most of the time playing, doing chores, or just relaxing. Bob is now married and I hope his family regards me as a friend too.

We moved to Wisconsin and stayed at my grandmothers house. Grandma can be a friend too. I remember her loving spirit as well as the excellent food! I miss you grandma!

Eleanor P. lived just down the street from grandma. We used to play with her kids Jim and Mary while our moms visited with each other. Sometimes other neighborhood kids like Beth would join in the fun.

When we moved into our own house, which was only about a mile away, we still got to see our old friends, but also found some new ones. Bill R. and I became close friends quickly. Above all the kids in the elementary school, Bill respected me for who I was. Even as youngsters we enjoyed strategy games and puzzles.

We would often go to the Chicago area where mom lived before and visit with some of her friends. Irene M. was her best friend there. Her daughter Gwen kept us busy while the adults talked. We would also visit the Boike family and several other relatives.

Colorado friends

The worst part about moving out of state is that you miss your friends and sometimes lose contact with them. When we got to Colorado though I found other friends. We first lived in a trailer park. Just a block away was a place called "Doc's Drive In". "Doc" and Linda M. ran the drive in. Truly nice people and I am happy to have known them. The next "Bubbly Orange" is on me!

Through most of high school my best friend was Carl H. (and his brother James). I had many issues with high school but Carl did a LOT to help me through all of that. My best memories of Carl was during the "Creative Writing" class we both attended as elective. Some of the stories and ideas we came up with brought the teacher laughter and tears (at the same time). Thank you Carl!

Mike E. was much more my brothers friend, but he accepted me as a friend too.

Although these people aren't really "friends", they did act like a friend would so I include them. Above ALL of the teachers I have had, four of these yield great memories in my life. My JH PE teacher (Mr Sinclair), HS Creative writing teacher (?), HS English teacher (Ms DeMayo) and HS Art Teacher (?). They all demanded the best I could give them and gave me all the support needed to give it to them. I want them to know I have a LOT of respect for them!

When we moved to our second house in Colorado, Inez M. was our neighbor. She would always have a smile and a friendly greeting to everybody who passed by. It is great to be friends with a neighbor.

Church friends

During my high school years I was very active in church related events and the teen group. I met a lot of nice people who not only accepted me for who I was, but helped to challenge me to be all I could be.

If you ever have about a week to spend just listening, ask me to share some of the memories involving Barb T. Barb was the teen group leader, the choir leader, and involved in just about everything else at some point also. She always has a smile or laugh to share, a tender point of advice, and wisdom or experience to help teach or comfort you. I have an abundance of respect and love for Barb and am truly proud to have gotten the chance to have her as a friend! Yep, even considering the "Dukes Of Hazard" style encounters with the dip in the road during carpools (yee ha)!!!

Barbs daughter Tiffany was also a friend and a very big part in the teen activity when she was old enough. Tiffany has a great attitude as well as voice and often did solo songs in addition to being in the choir. Whenever I hear Amy Grant's "El Shaddai" song I remember that voice from Tiffanys solos!

Leonard H. (Barbs father) was the church janitor. He took great care and pride in his work, but never bragged about it. Every time Leonard was there when I did my work, we would chat for awhile. Both he and his wife Mozzell were very friendly people and they left an impression on me.

We had several great ministers; Reverend Snode, Reverend Easton, Reverend Turner and their families. I have a lot of respect for each of them. They taught me a lot and helped me through two very difficult moments in my life. I am happy to have known them and would like to have contact with them again.

Apparently there was too much good singing going on in the church choir and not enough joyful "noise", so Barb asked me to join the choir and I fixed that. Even so, the entire choir treated each other as good friends and we had a GREAT time singing our praises! With the beautiful music of Mrs Muller at the piano and Bonnie at the organ, we did wonders with songs like "I'll Fly Away", "Rise Again", "Lift Him Up" and many more. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the group. Thank you all!

I also met John and Dolly P. through the church but we ended up interacting quite a bit outside of the church environment. They were VERY good people and I have cherished their memories through my life. John had a hobby of doing TV repair for friends and watching him work is what sparked my interest in electronics repair and why I picked that as a career.

Career friends

Henry and Michelle T. gave me my first job in TV repair and also gave me their friendship. During the time I worked for them they taught me a lot of good repair technique and business practice. Well done!

To say I was truly impressed with Bob (of Video Communications) would be a gross understatement. During my job interview he showed me that he believed in my ability and presented me with an awesome opportunity to expand my career. He, Lisa (sales), and I worked as a family not just as coworkers. It was awesome to work with both of you!

Messaging friends

Back before the Internet was popular, many of us geeks ran computer Bulletin Boards (BBS's) so we could text message with other people. I operated the "Circle Of Fellowship BBS" (COF) and I met many faceless people that way. Here are just a few of the ones that I consider to be friends.

Herbert, if you are reading this please contact me. The musical rabbit is still proudly displayed on the breakfront and both it and I would like to restore the lost connection between us. Mom's musical snowman is right beside the bunny and they speak to me often. THANK YOU!

Chris P. was active on other BBS's also, but was a very welcome addition to COF. We have since met in person and have interacted quite a few times. Great guy and a Cubs fan too!

Del P. worked with PCUG and maintained their BBS. Del is a very special guy and it was a pleasure working with him.

Mom and I visited Rex and Laynie W. (aka Fox & Froggie) at least twice on trips back east. Their BBS got network mail from my BBS for awhile.

There was another special BBS in my area named the "Wishbook BBS", operated by Lorne S. Cindy (and Dave) M. also helped operate the BBS as did Bill (and Jane) W. I found out these people are just as nice in person as they are in the text of a message! If you ever need to find Cindy, just track down a Scrabble game or Star Trek convention. Bill was a skilled and avid musician who taught me quite a bit about how to really listen to music. Bill volunteered his time and services back to the community. Sadly, Bill passed away after a fight with diseases. I will remember him as an all around nice guy with a great spirit and sense of humor.

Albertsons friends

While slaving away at the job, it is good to have positive relationships with coworkers. Over the years there have been some exceptionally good experiences and people who I would refer to as friends even though we don't interact outside of the workplace. I cannot write all of the good that I feel about these people as my fingers would be very sore and this page would be so long most browsers would probably crash. Here are just the people and basics.

At my first store: Casey S. Store Director, Barbie O. front end manager, Darla M. GM clerk and Cosmetician, Jeff D. GM manager, Kevin M. Assistant GM manager, Lester W. (many departments), and Julee B., Cyndi H,, and Kelly were cashiers. Darla was the best GM clerk I have ever worked with. We got to be friends beyond work. She had a very nice family too.

Second store: Liz S. Lobby manager, Chris M. store director, Sam Dairy manager, Liz G. Assistant GM manager. Liz S. "rescued" me twice from pitiful situations, bringing me to a better place. Liz works hard and has a heart of gold too! I also consider her family as my friends.

Third store: Trini G. Assistant GM manager, Danielle Assistant Grocery manager, Chris S. Receiving, Trini was awesome to work with. Geed attitude and very dedicated.

Fourth store: Connie M. Assistant GM manager Carrie A. Meat deli manager Jeff Dairy manager Rich J. Store Director Linda s. Bookkeeping Connie was my favorite Assistant GM manager for SO MANY reasons, like quality of work, attitude, using common sense, etc. We could bust out the baby food (sometimes literally!) in record time!

All of the people listed here had a great attitude, work ethics, expected the best from themselves, and treated me as a friend. For these things I respect them and am honored to be their friend also!

Other Arizona friends

People who know me know that I support the family operated businesses whenever I can. Usually these businesses have friendlier people who try harder to please customers. One such example is the place where I go to for breakfast. Waitresses Cody and Kay and the rest always have a smile and are genuinely nice, caring people. They cared for and about my mom when we were going there together and they show how much they also care for me.

Awesome friends

My Aunt Bev and Uncle Tom have been real good friends through the years. Although they are both gone now, they are still in my heart. It was always a relaxing or entertaining time at their place. Between the good food and the variety of activities, sometimes I didn't wanna come back home. They were always exceedingly helpful to others and I will cherish their memory.

I also have a cousin Lori C. who I have ultimate respect and love for. Lori has done SO MUCH over the years for my father you'd think he was HER father. She helped me take care of my father when his health declined and then after he died she has helped me emotionally also. LOVE YOU Lori!

Dave and Dawn V. and their kids lived by my father. They were very good to dad by helping him around his house and keeping watch on the property. They have always been very friendly to me and I consider them as friends. I appreciate everything they have done for both me and dad over the many years.

I have realized that mom and dad were my friends too. Mom put so much into being a single parent of two children and dad never stopped loving us all. People aren't perfect and life doesn't always give you what you want. Looking back on their lives via memories and paperwork, it reveals two good people who I am honored to have had as my parents! I MISS YOU BOTH!

Our numerous pets were often VERY good friends. Dogs share in your joy and comfort your sorrow. Usually a sloppy, smelly lick makes everything better. Most of the cats however seemed indifferent as cats tend to do.

Friends who are not human

Somewhere along the way, I met Ninganing, DoDo, and Lala. Though I don't remember much, they were apparently my best friends for awhile as a young child. One good thing about imaginary friends though.....you can make them be whomever you want.

Honorable mention:

Assorted frogs, turtles, fish, rabbits, and an abundance of other critters. Because friends come in all sorts of styles.

Many stuffed animals. Because they listened to me but never judged me for what I said. They were good friends, but their skills at helping me clean my room or do chores were horrible.

The Monsters in the closet. Considered to be my friend because they didn't hurt me as I had feared they would.


Thanks to those listed above for all of the laughter and tears, the joys of friendship, the valuable words of inspiration and teaching as well as the examples carried out in their own lives. It was truly a pleasure to share that portion of my life with each of you!

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