Goebberts farm near Chicago puts on a Fall Festival which offers animals, assorted entertainment, and farmers market style food sales. They also sell pumpkins.

The following pictures were taken on October 23 2016 when we went there.

While the entire experience was a LOT of fun, I think our entire group enjoyed the Parakeet exhibit the most. I am proud to say that my relatives enjoy nature, wildlife, and family entertainment like I do.

Giraffe over fence looking for food

Giraffe close up

Piggy gets a carrot

Piggy huddle, anybody seen Babe or Gordy?

Goldielocks said This chair is too big. Abigail on chair.




? Goats

? Deer

? Deer getting a carrot

? Cows or cattle

? Duck/Goose


Goat, the curse is over


? Long horns


? Cow

? Llama

? Cow

? Cow, Cattle ranking #4 (grin)

? Cow, #5, so not as tasty as #4? (grin)

? Chickens


? Getting a carrot

? Getting a carrot


? Wallabee

? Wallabees taking the day off

Parakeet exhibit allows human interaction

Can you count the Parakeets?

Attack of the Parakeets part 1 (grin). I forgot to take off my sunglasses before going in there.

Parakeet probably sees its reflection in my sunglasses while I feed another.

Parakeet on hat joined by another....

And yet another....

Attack of the Parakeets part 2 (grin). But they didn't make much mess so it was all good!

A short video showing the fun!

? Emu

? Goats

Playground area with corn instead of sand base

After all, it IS a pumpkin farm.

The Goebberts sign atop a silo with a smiling pumpkin.

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