Today is: Tuesday, the 9th of August, 2022
August has 31 days this year.
Today is the 221th day of the year in week 32.
This is not a leap year.

AnchorageAlaska 05:50:22am  10:17:09pm 
BirminghamAlabama 07:04:38am  08:38:20pm 
ChicagoIllinois 05:52:31am  07:57:25pm 
DenverColorado 06:07:21am  08:03:36pm 
Las VegasNevada 05:54:16am  07:37:39pm 
Los AngelesCalifornia 06:09:35am  07:46:33pm 
MiamiFlorida 06:51:16am  08:00:40pm 
MilwaukeeWisconsin 05:49:27am  08:01:55pm 
New YorkNew York 05:59:30am  08:00:07pm 
PhoenixArizona 05:48:18am  07:21:51pm 
PortlandOregon 06:03:59am  08:26:14pm 
ToledoOhio 06:36:35am  08:41:02pm 
WashingtonD.C. 06:17:11am  08:09:57pm 

Todays Moon:

    Last full Moon: Thursday, July 14th
    Last new Moon: Thursday, July 28th
    Next full Moon: Friday, August 12th


2022/01/01 New Years Day
2022/01/17 Martin Luther King Birthday
2022/02/02 Groundhog Day
2022/02/12 Abraham Lincoln Birthday
2022/02/14 Valentines Day
2022/02/22 George Washington Birthday
2022/03/13 Daylight Savings Time begins
2022/03/17 Saint Patricks Day
2022/04/01 April Fools Day
2022/04/10 Palm Sunday
2022/04/15 Good Friday
2022/04/15 Income Tax forms due
2022/04/17 Easter
2022/04/22 Earth Day
2022/04/27 Administrative Assistants Day
2022/05/08 Mothers Day
2022/05/21 Armed Forces Day
2022/05/30 Memorial Day
2022/06/14 Flag Day
2022/06/19 Fathers Day
2022/07/04 Independence Day
2022/07/24 Parents Day
2022/09/05 Labor Day
2022/09/11 Grandparents Day
2022/10/10 Columbus Day (holiday)
2022/10/12 Columbus Day (traditional)
2022/10/24 United Nations Day
2022/10/31 Halloween
2022/11/06 Daylight Savings Time ends
2022/11/08 Election Day
2022/11/11 Veterans Day
2022/11/24 Thanksgiving Day
2022/12/25 Christmas Day
2022/12/31 New Years Eve

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