My Lego creations

I admit it, I am a AFOL with a severe MOC addiction. But I like it that way! In case you do not already know this, an AFOL is an Adult Fan Of Lego and a MOC is a My Own Creation. Below are just some of my MOCs which I have made with Legos over the years.

Some of these have a parts list and/or build details. Click on the "BUILD" button (if there is one) located below the model description. Parts with known Lego element ID numbers have them listed in parenthesis. Feel free to use differnt pieces or modify the model to your liking, that is what Lego is all about!

The reason I like Legos so much is that you can create something, use it for awhile, tear it down, and create something else. No waste, just reuse material over and over.

What Is It?

First we play a game. This is a model I built. Shown here it is collapsed. Can you guess what it is when expanded? Answer below.

Guess what this is!

Terrys Mouse maze

Mice are often used for testing. I recall where they proved mice (and other animals) could "learn" the pattern of a static maze in order to get to the treat faster.

In that spirit, I made a mouse maze. Similar to a laboRATory setup only in theory, but it is still an aMAZing model. Although I have had this almost a full month I am still amused when I see it.

Terrys Mini lighthouse

I have built several lighthouse styles. This one is a small version which takes up less space and is easier to transport to events.

Although this has no mechanicals nor a light, it is still easily recognized as a lighthouse.

Terrys Organ

My mother loved to play the piano so for quite some time I wanted to make a Lego piano. But I could not figure out how to do a realistic keyboard on a scaled model that did not take up an entire table.

Research revealed that some organs have the same number of keys but are arranged in two rows. This made it more practical to build. Combine that with getting the right elements to make a compact (sort of) keyboard and I was ready to build.

My organ features foot pedals, vent and speakers, a sheet music stand, and sound controls. The organ is close to scale based upon the size of the keyboard area.

Terrys Smiley

This very simple and silly model is my attempt at Lego art.

Have a nice day!

Terrys Backgammon

I have always liked to play Backgammon. So in the style of the Lego Chess/Checkers set, I created a backgammon board.

Using the same principal and whatever colors desired, most any board game can be created with Lego.

Terrys Radio tower

The radio tower was specifically built for the Roselle Library display. It has a truss system which extends outward from near the top, which is used to suspend the materials from.

Built using only Technic elements, it is an example of how Technic is useful for structures and framework. It incorporates bracing and connections that are similar to real tower construction.

Terrys Insect

This insect is my sarcastic "tribute" to mosquitos whom I truly dislike.

Note the angry eyes. Probably due to the fact that it knows I am about to swat it.

Terrys Cubs logo

Chicago Cubs lego logo

Made from 2x4 bricks but ends are toward front. Model measures 19.5x19.5 inches.

Terrys Lego ambulance

Partially based upon a Lego ambulance that has been retired, this has some pieces used in that set.

Note the large side windows that allow inside view of the nurse and stretcher. My version of stretcher has wheels for easy transport. Rear door allows easy access and the roof is hinged to allow easy access to nurse and driver.

This is a rebuild of the earlier version which I did not have all of the RED pieces for.

Terrys Lego Football field

Football field.

Just for fun the day before the Super Bowl I created a basic football field layout. Not fancy but it works.

Terrys Lego Animal rescue

Animal rescue.

A small vehicle designed for transporting animals. The rear of the van opens for animal access in the cage area. I also created a small animal cage. In this photo a dog and mouse are shown to demonstrate sizes of the items.

Terrys Lego Bus

My version of a public bus.

The bus is 8 posts wide and 42 posts long (3x13 inches). Thus minifigures can actually walk to their place and sit.

A view from the back.

Another angle showing the bench style seating as oppossed to the individual seat style.

Terrys Lego Generi-van

What started out as a mail truck build resulted in a vehicle that could serve many functions. So I named it my Generi-van (generic panel truck).

Meant to be all white (ran out of white pieces), this can be almost anything. When I learn how to do my own custom stickers, I can create some for the side panel (wall unit) piece and simply swap that piece to change the purpose of the vehicle.

For right now, this is setup as a mail delivery vehicle. Note the open left side door (the side letter carriers use) and no door on the right (the side facing traffic).

Rear view.

I like the flip open style door. Will probably get a few more of these for other builds I have in mind.

Terrys Lego furniture

I now have an assortment of furniture. Here it is laid out in mobile home fashion. Since this was taken I have added more items and built a tall house, which I will add here later.

Items left to right are: bed, dresser, toilet, sink bathtub, washer/dryer, refridgerator, aquarium with a mouse, bookcase or shelving, countertop with sink and stovetop and a microwave on it, couch, coffee table (which is mostly hidden), and a TV.

Have since added a cedar chest for the bedroom, a few lamps, furnace and water heater for the basement, workbench with sink, and a fireplace.

Currently working on a pool table and swimming pool.

Terrys Lego Tram

This simple tram is made from a minimal number of pieces. It features six cars (18 seats), a drivers cab, and a rear seat for a conductor or tour guide.

The cars are joined together with the Lego hinge plates (Elements 4265486 and 4264952). You can use any size plates for the floors or any type of wheels.

Terrys Lego Gazebo

There is a gazebo in the city park which is often used for social events. On this day all sorts of folks attended a charity event and concert.

The concert was held in the gazebo. Other events included a box the banana for the save our fruit charity, meet with the builders of an experimental glider, and meet some Disney characters.

There was a medical booth and restroom available on site as well as security.

Terrys Lego Watertower

A watertower made from old 1/4 circle bricks and 1x1 bricks for legs. Using the 1/4 circle and other blue bricks a variety of styles could be built.

Terrys Lego Tree tribute

My tribute to the wonderful colors provided by the trees during fall. A job well done by nature!

Terrys Lego Drive In Theater

Summertime at the outdoor drive in movie theater used to be a common thing to do. Pull up, turn on the speaker, and enjoy.

Screen measures 15 inches wide by 11 inches tall. Drive in measures 25x25 inches.

This drive in has many features from the past. A big screen, speaker pole for each car, concession stand (inside area, carry out window, and restrooms), movie projector building, and parking lot lights.

Terrys Lego School Bus

I tried many versions of a school bus but this one I created from scratch and really like it. The passenger area is large enough to actually have minifigures move around and be seated. The bus is fairly accurate in scale for the engine area and passenger area although as with most Lego models will not truly hold the same capacity of people (minifigs) as the real thing.

This bus has a LOT of features. Lots of signal and warning lights, large rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, a movable stop panel to prevent passing traffic, entry door and emergency exit window which really work, wide entry step for students, passenger seats, driver area, and a hinged (ball and cup) roof for easy inside access.
School bus measures 11x3x3 inches.
The back and drivers side view shows the rear lights and signals, emergency exit window (shown partially open here), and hinged stop sign panel (shown open here) on the side by the driver area.
The roof opens (as shown here) to allow complete access to the inside. There are ten student seats (five per side) and a drivers seat with steering wheel.

Terrys Lego Truck

This mini truck is a modification of plans I found in a Lego Ideas book. Mine has CB antennas and a the cab is a bit more roomy inside (smaller engine area). The cargo connects to the cab with a 2x2 swivel piece as in the original plans. This model was built out of spare pieces, so it turned out to be very colorful. I will likely build a larger truck in the future.

Mini truck measures 8x3x3 inches.

Terrys Lego Centipede

Millie the Centipede has 388 legs and was found crawling around my house.

Centipede measures 61x1x1 inches.
Millie had a litter of 32 offspring. Each Millie liter weights about 1/30 of an ounce (we are educational too!).

Terrys Lego Mini dragster

This mini dragster is not as long as most but can still do the job. A pull back motor could be added with a very small modification on the back.

Measures 6x4x4 inches.

Terrys Lego Playground

My playground features a Merry Go Round, Teeter totter, Slide, Monkey Bars, Swings, seating area, and pathway. All of the items that are supposed to move operate as they would in real life.

Terrys Lego Wheelchair ramp

I created a wheelchair and ramp so I could use them in projects.

Terrys Lego Church

The little lego church in the valley. This design is somewhat based upon the church I used to attend as a youth. Features include a basement for Sunday school classes, foyer entry, old timey bell in the bell tower, steeple cross, and large windows. The sanctuary features pews and a pulpit.

Church measures 16x16x15 inches.
The sanctuary has pews and a pulpit.

Terrys garden and greenhouse

Enjoy the beautiful garden. This garden features many flowers, two exotic trees, a fountain and pond, benches, lights for evening visits, 2 water hose faucets, and a greenhouse. The greenhouse features several work tables for growing plants, a water hose faucet, roof vents for climate control, and solar panels on rooftop to provide electricity for the lights.

The greenhouse roof easily detaches (as shown here) for inside access.

Garden measures 10x30 inches.

Greenhouse measures 9x8x6.5 inches.

Terrys Lego lighthouse 2

A version of a lighthouse which I like. Features include a small island with lighthouse and stairway to water for boat access and path to shore.

Lighthouse features 360* light window, Ground level windows for view from inside, and fog horn for audio alert. There is a hinged access door (on side not shown in photo) to allow access to turn battery pack on and off.

I used the crocodile and boat from another set to add content to this picture.

I used a rechargeable battery box, a M motor, a light set, and IR receiver. Using the IR receiver makes it possible to use the remote control to turn the light on/off/brighter and control motor speed or start/stop it.

Island measured 13x13x24 inches.
The mechanicals of the lighthouse. This was slightly modified to make the light support column more sturdy as the fact the turntable wobbles slightly during movement with the weight. Note that there is a battery pack, motor, and IR receiver mounted together. This allows for remote control of light and motor operations.
Video of lighthouse in action.

In the video, the access door is open to show the mechanical movement. The battery pack can be accessed through this door to turn the power on and off.

Terrys Lego toboggan fun

Winter is so much more fun when you spend the day tobogganing at Terryboggan Hill! Measured 12x18x19 inches.

Terrys Lego hotel

A small hotel with 30 rooms, 4 suites, and a huge penthouse (no interior structure). Features a working elevator and revolving door entry. Since doing this build I got the rest of the windows I ordered so I can create larger structures in the future.

Terrys Lego sightseeing bus

My sightseeing bus holds 74 people and offers 360* view for passengers. Door opens downward to make ramp for wheelchair access. Shown here with roof removed to show inside detail.

Terrys Lego cow

What started as desire to create a decent sized Lego cow resulted in the ability to make a few different animals from a similar design.

Here are 2 sheep (white body), 1 zebra (even black and white strips side body), and 2 cows (random black and white pattern body).

Measures 2x5x4 inches

Terrys Lego pine tree

My first positive approach to making a pine tree

Terrys Lego wind turbine

A wind turbine made from Legos

Terrys Lego aquarium

So I kinda wanted to get Glo-fish and a small aquarium setup to have something nice to look at around here. Saw that some people made aquariums out of Legos and decided that provides for a lot less cleaning, food, and funerals. So I got some fake animals and built myself an aquarium.

Terrys Butterflies

While at the Lego store noticed they had a butterfly model to build. Theirs was okay but to me it lacked the colorful nature of butterflies. So using their basic design as a guide I gathered colorful pieces and built one similar. Okay, I built eight of them. These are probably not finished yet as I can add a few more pieces with other colors.

Terrys first motor

After getting the Lego Power Functions motor I started learning about meshing the gears. This was my first experiment just to see how it works. I plan to add more pages to the website on Lego and Technic logistics.

Terrys Maze setup

The Lego maze is pretty neat. The board plate is difficult to put in with the layout in place and the balls have one small flat spot which slightly affect rolling and can cause it to stop. Other than that it does what it is designed to do.

I used one of their example layouts as a guide. I built the buildings with slight modifications. I created my own path scheme (with no traps) so I could get used to the movements. Also created a storyline to go with my layout, which is below:

Welcome to Militleton!

Militleton was built way back in the 1800's by its founder Ima Goodguy. Ima was very wealthy. He built the town as his private playground.

Your tour begins on the red brick under the towns majestic water tower.

As you travel down the path you first encounter the old factory. The factory was created so that Ima's servants could build him whatever he desired. The factory still serves as the hub for maintaining the town so you can not go through it.

Next you travel through the warehouse. This was used to store all of Ima's possessions.

Then you visit the castle. This is where Ima lived.

From the castle you travel through the north end of Militleton Park on your way to the residential district. This is where the servants lived, far away from the castle so as to not disturb Ima. The first two houses were for the primary servants, the cook and the maids. The red roof building is the apartments for all of the other workers.

As you continue on your journey, the beautiful south side of Militleton Park features the towns only remaining trees. Ima used the others as firewood.

At the end of the tour is the Parks and Recreation Center. Here you can enjoy a nice picnic lunch...provided that you brought some food.

We hope you enjoyed your tour of Militleton!

Lego Cherry Picker

My version of the Cherry Picker with the smaller Lego version (Lego 42031)

Terrys Lego Flag

A US flag I created with legos

Terrys Red Heart

A big red heart made out of 2x4 Lego bricks

Terrys BIG Lego Heart

My BIG heart with a yardstick to prove it

Terrys BIG heart again

The same as above without the yardstick

Terrys Lego Farm

Below are pictures of my Lego barn, silo, and house which make up my small Lego farm. For the purpose of this farm, imagine the dog is a COW and not everything is to proper scale.

The Silo is made up of 646 yellow 2x4 Lego bricks. It is a rough circle shape with a diameter of 6 bricks, which is about 7.5 inches across. It is 32 bricks high, which is about 12 inches high.

The House is made up of 808 white 2x4 Lego bricks and 36 green 4x12 plates (for the roof structure). It is 20 bricks side to side, which is about 25 inches. It is 6 bricks front to back, which is about 7.5 inches. It is 16 bricks high, which is about 6 inches high, not counting the chimney. It has 8 windows (no glass) and one door panel.

The Barn is made up of 648 red 2x4 Lego bricks and 400 2x4 angled roof bricks. It is 11 bricks side to side, which is about 13.75 inches. It is 10 bricks front to back, which is about 12.5 inches. It is 32 bricks high, which is about 12 inches high. The doors are not attached, they exist just for show.

This shot shows the farm and the other 2x4 Lego bricks that I had leftover.

What Is It answer

Expanded this makes a ladder with hooks at the top. Did you guess right?

In the future I want to build:

  • Baseball stadium
    Layout of baseball field
  • Skyscraper
  • Mini city with train and park

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