Tabletop Aquarium

This page is devoted soley to my Lego Tabletop Aquarium Model (TAM). TAM is being submitted to the Lego Ideas website in the hopes that it can eventually become an actual Lego set.

I am pleased to announce that my Tabletop Aquarium model has been approved at Lego Ideas (https://ideas.lego.com) and is now active. The direct link to the page is: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b9d22922-c548-48cb-b5d0-fe70dbcacdf5 You can also use the “Find ideas” search box with “Tabletop Aquarium”. Any/all help in spreading the word for supporters is more than greatly appreciated!

You can also view this project using Facebook on my page at: https://www.facebook.com/terry.erickson.52056

Lego Ideas is a program run by the Lego Group to allow people to create their own models and submit them to be considered for becoming actual Lego produced sets. Submitted models must obtain a total of 10,000 supporters to even be considered to insure there would be a demand for purchase. There are a lot of projects which have been submitted, so if you would like to view them, go to: https://ideas.lego.com

The images below are shown in a reduced size to fit most devices without having to scroll. If you click on the image, the full size version will be opened in a new tab (on most browsers). This allows you to see the original image if you choose.

Base and drawers

Shows the base and drawers with accessories. The left drawer is in closed position (will be under the tank) while the right drawer is out to show the structure under the drawers.

Tank back view

This is a view of the tank floor viewed from the back. This gives a good view of how the boat is mounted and a perspective that would be unavailble once the back wall is in place. The three rows of empty studs at the back are to allow the back wall with fish to be in place without contact of other items.

Tank side view

The view from the right side shows the boat resting on the plant as well as a different perspective view of the other objects.


The fish are mounted with clips onto the fish plates which are mounted on the back wall. The clips are the same color as the plates to make them less visible, so it appears the fish are suspended.

Side view with wall

The view from the left side includes the back wall with fish in place. This shows why the last three rows of studs needed to be empty. This also shows how the large plant is mounted.

Top view

The birds eye view gives a great view of the tank. It shows how many things are squeezed into the compact space.

Without front glass

The front view without the glass to interfere. The hood and scuba diver are also in place in this view. This is how it looks with the drawers open.

With glass

Pretty much the same as above, except the front glass is in place.

The model

The compact model with the hood closed. This shows the accessories in front for a better view of them. Notice that even though the hood reduces the amount of light in the tank, there is still enough to tell it is an aquarium.

Video of boat mount

Video showing how to position part of a model at unusual angles while still being secure.

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