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Last year I attended BrickWorld Chicago as a spectator. This year I Went as a displayer with the group ChiLUG (Chicago area Lego User Group). Either way it is an awesome event, but I was MUCH busier this year as I participated in many events and did not get as much time to look around and take pictures.

My items:

My BrickWorld 2017 commemorative bricks.

One brick and figure for attending with a full registration. One brick for each (of two) donations to charity events. One brick for the three volunteer duties I performed.

I ordered the 2017 BrickWorld model, which was a Camera Truck to go with the 2017 theme "Lights, Camera, Bricks!"

It is a good model although I bought it mostly for the fact of celebrating my first BrickWorld as a displayer.

The Lego 75912 set:
Porsche 911 GT Finish Line

I won this as a door prize at BrickWorld.

The road plates and pit area decoration are NOT part of the Lego set but I added for this photo to make it look better.

The initial layout of my display at BrickWorld 2017 right after it was put up. I moved some things around before the event. The Palace Cinema to the left, train to the right, and guns at the bottom are NOT mine.

My display featured the "row houses", "family house", "lighthouse", "Pet Rescue van", "Ambulance", "BookMobile", "Cow and Sheep", "Dice", "Centipede and Beetle", "Mosquito and butterfly", and the "Aquarium"

I also had models in the ChiLUG film collaboration (scenes from movies filmed in Chicago) and a module in the GBC (Great Ball Contraption). But could not locate these after the event so I assume somebody else got them for themselves.

My display during the "World Of Lights" where the event hall is dark and models have lights on them.

Scott Ingerson (from of ChiLUG) hosted a workshop for building dragsters with the Lego Pull Back motor. He also hosted the race competition, which I helped with.

Here is just one of the many races.

My "job" was to stop cars when they went off the race area.

My first attempt to take a video of a race was met with one of the cars veering off course right at me. My reaction to grab the car ruined the video, but it was rather hilarious.

Other peoples models:

I did not get much chance to look around or take pictures this year. But here are some photos I did get.

At our ChiLUG display was our collaboration of scenes from movies filmed in Chicago. Bottom center to right has the six entries.

Mine is the scene from "Running Scared" showing the car chase on the elevated ("L") train tracks (with the photo of the scene to the right of the model).

There was another Lighthouse at the ChiLUG display besides mine. It was much bigger than mine and had more detail.

While it is really fun to getting to display your own models and discuss them with others, for me it is even more fun to talk to others about their models. SO the different Lighthouse creators had some bantering (in good fun) about whose model was "better". Truth is, I think they won but I liked both models!

This is one table which had amusement park theme. I saw at least four such themed displays.

During my first year at BrickWorld (as a spectator), I had several conversations with displayers. I was very happy to find that one of them was right next to the ChiLUG table. This is his display.

I think this is Micropolis.

Trains, cities, airports, and cars are common at the show. This table had a little bit of everything.

An airport with all of the structures and aircraft of a normal airport.

Pretty cool.

Pretty sure that the vehicles (as least on the left) are cars from movies.

The RV (with wings) is from Spaceballs and the Mutt Cutts van is from Dumb and Dumber. Don't know the others.

A really big airplane that looks realistic.

As usual, I am very impressed.

The new Lego carousel as part of another amusement park theme. Part of the GFLUG (Greater Florida Lego User Group) area.

My cousin has a lot of amusement park sets so this brought thoughts of hers.

More of GFLUGs display. Another carousel, ferris wheel, and roller coaster in the Brick Gardens.

A VERY detailed miniature golf course layout.

World Of Lights photos:

Some pictures from the "World of Lights", where the event hall lights are turned off and some models (creators choice) are lit up.

The bottom part of the Sears (now Willis) Tower and the Crane Communications building lit up. These were right next to my display.

Vern and Michelle Thompkins are also members of ChiLUG. Vern made these buildings while Michelle does Lego mosaics.

GFLUG had some rides lit up. Here is the ferris wheel with the carousel and another ride behind it.

The very long suspension bridge with lights.

Not quite sure what it is as I could not read the tag, but it is some kind of house with very good lighting.

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