Model Q&A

Since there are some commonly asked questions at display events, I thought I would make a page to cover some of these. I also plan to have a question submit form here.

Questions are worded to be as general as possible. There are many variations to these questions, so the simplest form is used here to make it easy to find.

For ease of navigation, only the questions are shown at the start. In this way visitors can more quickly find a question of interest without having to scroll so much. To read an answer, simply click on the question and the answer will appear. Click again to hide it.

Questions answered:

How do you get parts for your models?

How many pieces are there?
How long did it take to build?
What is your favorite model?

What inspired you to build 'that'?

How can I build a custom model?
(AKA, I can only build with instructions)

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