Militleton (pronounced My-little-town) is my mythical Lego city. There is so much going on it the city that it has to have its own page on my website.


Downtown Militleton

The heart of Militleton is the downtown area. There is usually a lot going on and today is no different.

There is a performance outside of the school which is attracting a crowd. Several food vendors have also come to serve the guests.

The fire department is hosting a pet adoption day as well as doing some work on the station.

The local taxi company is standing by the train station to transport the visitors as they arrive.

Militleton has a nice business district with shops and restaurants for the citizens.

Across the street is the athletic field. There is a basketball court, some gymnastic items, and a soccer field.

Summer is more fun at the swimming pool center just across the tracks. There is swimming and a variety of other water related activities, including a penguin exhibit.

Militleton Park offers an abundance of festive attractions. There are hot air balloon tours of the area several times a day. A scale model train marks the location of the original train station. There is also a playground and areas to relax with a great view of the fountain.

We take pride in the rich heritage of the area. But we also continue to expand to make life better here. We currently have a project under construction just west of the water park.

Militleton is a growing and exciting place. We hope you will come visit us soon!


Militleton Harbor

The harbor is a great place for recreation. Whether you enjoy boating, surfing, fishing, or just relaxing at the beach at the oasis area.


Militleton Airport

The Militleton Airport is small but convenient for travelers. Many charter size aircraft can use this airport.

The airport offers a terminal for passengers, air traffic control tower, three helipads, a hanger, and off runway parking for planes.

Militleton ©2015 Terry Erickson.

The "Militleton" Lego city name belongs to Terry Erickson. Please do NOT use it for your Lego related models or projects.

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