Website policy

Since I own and operate this website I have the right to set policy. In fact, I have the legal responsibility to do so. If you do not agree to my rules then simply do not visit this website.

Terms of use:

  1. You have the right to VIEW the public areas of my website. You DO NOT have the right to use ANY of the material (text, graphics, or other) without my written approval. ALL material here is protected under the current copyright laws of the USA.
  2. The material here is the property of its creators. Mostly that means the owner of the internet domain terryerickson.com, but any item(s) posted by others is their property. PLEASE respect that ownership by NOT extracting any material (for any purpose other than personal use) without prior permission from the owner(s).
  3. PLEASE do NOT allow anybody else to use YOUR account. YOU are responsible for ALL activity on your account. If you would like other family members or close friends to have an account here PLEASE just ask me about it.
  4. You have the right to use the secure areas of my website ONLY IF you are an invited guest. I have the right to restrict or remove that access at ANY time for ANY reason for ANY person WITHOUT notice.


  1. Be civil. We all have our own beliefs and opinions. Chances are we will not always agree with others. Thats life folks....let it go. You can discuss different viewpoints as you like but please respect the other persons feelings when posting replies.
  2. Expressing a thought should be possible without an abundance of foul language, personal attacks, treats, or insults. If you are not sure if your submission meets these rules, PLEASE simply ask me BEFORE you submit material.
  3. We ain't all as edumacated as a college English professor. Please tolerate other peoples styles and spelling mistakes.
  4. Absolutely NO submissions containing pornographic or obsene descriptions or images.
  5. Absolutely NO discussions of planning or enacting criminal activity.
  6. Do NOT submit any chain letters, religious triangles, wish lists, write your congressman, or such type of material. 99.99999% of these are either schemes or way outdated. Doing this is a quick way to stop being an invited guest here (hint hint). If you are not sure about something, please ask me before submitting it.


I have the right to remove or edit any submissions to this website without notice that such has been done. This is to protect the family values of this website. Filtering of user input is also used.


  1. This website does not collect any personal information from our visitors except through online forms such as the User accounts, Message Board and Survey/Poll areas.
  2. This website does not collect any information from our visitors computers except for the process of maintaining connections, sessions, and cookies. The website does not store any data on our visitors computers except for cookies which set the user selected preferences for accessing this website.
  3. Visitors account information (email address, name, password, etc) is stored in a secure and double-encrypted database. None of this data will be sold or distributed to any other person or website.
  4. This being a non-commercial website, visitors do not have to worry about subscriptions or newsletters. This website does NOT generate unsolicited emails nor partner with any other website that performs this silly practice.


  1. This website was born and raised in America and it speaks ENGLISH. It can tolerate other languages, but is best viewed with real English words and structure. Please use ENGLISH!


Since allowing the general public to submit material usually leads to chaos, this website does NOT allow submissions from unverified visitors, except as needed to allow them to become verified.

Some public areas allow unverified guests to VIEW the results of pages (such as surveys, polls, and open message boares).

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